Tuesday, March 3, 2015

An Argument with My Muse

Muse:              I want you to write tonight.

Me:                 No!

Muse:              Really?

Me:                 I don’t want to write.

Muse:              Seriously?

Me:                 I’m tired.

Muse:              Start writing and your fatigue will go away.  It usually does.

Me:                 But I’ve had a long day!

Muse:              That might make your writing better.

Me:                 I started a new job and I have new demands on me.

Muse:              Life is always full of challenges…and opportunities.  What makes this different?

Me:                 (Long pause.)  I’m tired.

Muse:              (Smiling…and waiting)

Me:                 And I feel stressed.

Muse:              That might make your writing better, too.

Me:                 And I miss spending time with people I love.

Muse:              That might make your writing better, too.

Me:                 (Long silence.  Then…)  And I’m scared.

Muse:              That can definitely make your writing better.  But what are you afraid of?

Me:                 Well, I like my new job and I’m afraid I might not get to keep it.  And I don’t like having so little time with you.  And I want to do my new job well.  And I miss writing.  And there have been all these sudden changes in my life and some of them are good and some of them are difficult, but they all happened so fast.

Muse:              That will definitely make your writing better.  If you let it.

Me:                 I miss you.

Muse:              I’m here.  I’m always here.  Whatever you do, wherever you go, I am with you.  All you have to do is be conscious of my presence, and you can turn any moment into something that is loving, creative, and fun.  You can take any gift you have and bless the world with it.  You can take all the hard stuff, and the stress, and the fear, and you can turn all of that into beauty and creativity.  You can paint the walls of your house, or write jokes or poetry, or think of new ways to love those around you and not take them for granted.  There is literally no end to the ways you can create and build something new, something better.  All I want you to do is sit down and do your work.  Even if you’re tired, or stressed, or afraid.  Like the flower gives to the hummingbird, I will give to you.   Every time.

Me:                 (Peaceful silence.  Then…) Thank you, Muse.  I love you.

Muse:              I know.  You proved that when you sat down and started writing. 

Me:                 You always help me to Get Started and Keep Going.  And you always win.

Muse:              Always.  Not me, but we.  We always win.