Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Best Moment

This is the best moment.  The moment when we are in Purpose.  The moment when we’re working towards that goal.   Sometimes when we’re feeling irritable, but there’s nothing really wrong, it might be because we haven’t spent enough time in our Purpose.  We haven’t spent enough time doing the things we want to do with all our hearts.  We have neglected part of ourselves and something inside us knows.  This neglect may have been caused my unforeseen circumstances, or a lack of discipline.  It doesn’t really matter.  As Steven Pressfield says, “This very moment we can change our lives.”
This then is the moment.   This is the moment to do our work.  Have you been discouraged because you’ve been too busy or because you’ve made bad choices?  It doesn’t matter.  This is the moment to change your life.  Don’t wait for conditions to be perfect.  They will never be perfect.   In fact, don’t even wait for them to be right.  They will rarely be right either.
Rarely will the inspiration come.  Rarely will the right people show up.  Rarely will you have all the time, money, or materials you need.  Perhaps the world is testing you.  Perhaps you, not time, money, or materials, is what is needed.  Maybe the right things happen after you appear.  You may be the key.  As Gandhi said, “Be the change you are looking for.”
Being and doing go together.  To be happy, one must do both.  Do not look for happiness in Purpose.  But it will come, because you will be in the moment.  You will have stopped waiting on external conditions.  There are two benefits two benefits to Purpose.  First, you will begin changing things you truly need to change.  Second, you will realize that it’s not conditions that need changing first, but you.  Then you will know which conditions to change, which to ignore, and which to allow to change without you.  You will accept much of what is, because what is, isn’t that bad, or because it’s not part of your Purpose.
Purpose, however, is not only, or even primarily about happiness.  Happiness will come, and so will difficulty.  Purpose is beyond happiness.  I chose my Muse, but my Muse also chose me.  When I am with her, I am happy, but the work is hard and it demands my presence everyday.  The Muse can be difficult.  But without her, I cannot be happy or fulfilled.    Worst of all, my life will not have the meaning it was intended to have.  I must follow her.  
There’s no more waiting to be done.  Only action.  This is the best moment.  This is the moment to Get Started and Keep Going.