Monday, August 4, 2014

Puzzle Pieces

It’s funny, but missing a day of writing feels like I’ve missed a year.  Of course, I haven’t.  In fact, I haven’t even missed a day.  Yesterday I wrote eight pages by hand.  Today I wrote four.  I’m still writing every day, not as much as I’d like perhaps, but still every day. I wish I could put more time into this, especially since this is what I’d like to do full time, but I notice that everything I read and learn has connections to each other.  Like pieces of a puzzle, they can all fit.
Each of us has to find our own puzzle pieces to make them fit.  Here are mine:
·      I’m blessed to have all I have.
·      I don’t have to like it all or even keep it all, but I’m still blessed to have what I have.
·      Gratitude should lead to enthusiasm, and enthusiasm about what I’m doing can change my life.
·      If I genuinely can’t muster up enthusiasm for what I’m doing, I may not be learning ways to improve my work.
·      It’s also possible that my inability to muster enthusiasm may mean it’s time for a change.
·      If I’m genuinely unhappy with my work, no one has to know.  I should act as if I had the best job in the world.
·      I can make changes quietly and calmly. 
·      Sometimes internal changes are more important.
·      Sometimes external changes are more important.
·      I have not learned one solution that fits for all of life’s challenges.
·      Sometimes the answer is to make no change at all, except for my attitude.
·      Contemporary society greatly emphasizes being happy at work.
·      My grandparents’ society greatly emphasized being happy for work, any work.
·      Both views are correct, but not always at the same time.
·      Both views teach me to Get Started and Keep Going….and to keep working on the puzzle.