Monday, August 18, 2014

34 Quick Reminders for a Happier and More Productive Life

Here are 34 quick reminders for having a happier and more productive life:
1)    Have a plan.
2)    Write your plan.
3)    Stick to your plan every day.
4)    If you miss a day, don’t waste time berating yourself.  Immediately resume your plan.
5)    Have yearly, monthly, daily, and hourly goals.
6)    Wake up earlier than everyone else.
7)    Remember that extra time is a gift, not necessarily a time to waste.
8)    Practice gratitude every day.
9)    Breathe.
10) Pray.
11) Don’t expect everyone to agree with your choices.
12) Don’t waste time trying to get others to agree with or approve of your choices.
13) Remember the following as sure-fire plan killers:
·      Poor time management
·      Looking for the approval of others
·      Complaining
·      Waiting for “the right time” or “the perfect conditions” to begin
·      Giving up when it gets difficult

14) Learn as much as you can about your passion.
15) Expect difficulties.
16) Expect delays.
17) Expect an occasional miracle.
18) Expect success.
19) Visualize how your life will look when you have reached your goals.
20) When you have reached your goals, create new ones.
21) Don’t neglect your spiritual life.
22) Don’t neglect your health.
23) Don’t neglect your loved ones.
24) Don’t waste time gossiping.
25) Don’t waste time at all.
26) Take a break once in while.  That’s a good use of your time.
27) Turn off the TV and other distractions unless they’re part of your plan.
28) Enjoy the journey, but don’t let it take longer than it has to.
29) Enjoy the destination, but be grateful for what you learned on the journey.
30) Avoid negativity in others and especially in yourself.
31) Manage your thought life.
32) Go big.
33) Smile as a discipline.
34) Have fun and love others.  That’s why you’re doing this.