Monday, May 25, 2015

Time, Health, and Love...or...30 Date Ideas

I probably should be resting or watching a movie or eating a big bowl of popcorn and reading some comic books, but all I can think of is who and what are important to me and how I want to spend my time and my life.  I don’t want to waste time.  Besides health, it’s the most precious gift we have.  Well, there’s one more gift – love.  Time and health and love.  Combining all three, here are some ways I would use them.  The following is a list of ways I can be creative in combining all three, in other words spending time and energy with someone I love.
1.     Ride bicycles.
2.     Take a drive to the beach, the desert, the mountains, or somewhere distant.
3.     Stay there for a night or two.
4.     Go dancing.
5.     Take a nap together.
6.     Browse through bookstores.
7.     Give time to charitable cause.
8.     Exercise together.
9.     Stay inside and watch movies all day.
10.  Take the day off from work.
11.  Work on a garden together.
12.  Help a neighbor.
13.  Visit a hospital.
14.  Do a household project.
15.  Look at model homes.
16.  Go to museums.
17.  Go camping.
18.  Take an early morning flight to a nearby big city and go shopping.
19.  Run a 10K.
20.  Work on a hobby together.
21.  Go hiking.
22.  Go swimming.
23.  Stay inside and read.
24.  Make a new recipe together.
25.  Work on something artistic.
26.  Write letters of appreciation to each other.
27.  Visit some shut-ins or the elderly.
28.  Do a puzzle.
29.  Play chess.
30.  Go roller-skating.

There are probably many more ideas and many better ones, but this is enough to last more than a year if these special days of time, health, and love are done twice a month.