Saturday, December 13, 2014

I'm Just Going to Write Very Quickly....

 I’m just going to write very quickly, almost a free write, mostly for the sake of letting my Muse know I’m here and to stay in the habit, even when I don’t feel like it.  With regard to habits, I’m creating more of them in order to create the kind of life I want.   Life is creation, but it doesn’t create itself.  In order to create the kind of life we want, we have to work to make it happen.
That’s really it.  We have to work to create the life we want.  We also have to know what we want.  Most important, we have to believe that we can get it, that we deserve it (if we work for it), and that it’s okay to want what we want.  Unless it intentionally hurts people or the planet, our desires aren’t wrong.
So I’m working for what I want.  I’m still writing every day.  I’m doing other things, too, all of which will help me to reach my goal.  Even with all that, I know I’m not guaranteed success. 
We’re not guaranteed success.  What a depressing idea.  Let’s break down this idea.  What does it mean and how can we keep it from discouraging us?
First, the word “we’re,” – we are – we.  We.  All of us.  Rich or poor.  The hardworking and the lazy.  The intelligent and the not-so-smart.  No one is guaranteed success.  People who start with extra advantages in life.  The gifted.  No one. 
What makes it worse is that sometimes success goes to the lazy, the foolish, and the evil.  I’ve worked for people who were unkind, unfriendly, and not even particularly bright in some cases.  I’ve worked for people who had no people skills.  I’ve worked for liars and cheats and I wondered, “How did they become successful while I still struggle?”
I’m not complaining.  I’m stating facts.  I’ve worked for people who should have been working for me.  And I’m sincerely wondering how this happens.  Did they work harder than me?  Were they luckier?  Did I offend someone?  Was it just not the right time or place?  Is there arbitrariness to the universe in which principles don’t apply and it’s all a matter of blind luck?
There may be no answers to these questions.
“Guaranteed.” There really are few guarantees in life.  Yet, I think this is good.  If I were guaranteed success, or anything, there would be no struggle, and it probably wouldn’t be worth having.  Some things are not only worth fighting for, they need to be fought for.  Love.  Learning.  Goals.  These things cannot be given to us.  We need to fight to get them and to keep them.  By fight I don’t necessarily mean struggle, but I do mean never take them for granted.  Especially love.
There are those who say life can be easy and that it doesn’t have to be a struggle.  Perhaps this is true, but for me, the struggle is not only inevitable, it makes the victory all worthwhile.  Currently I find myself struggling for some things that are important to me.  In the midst of these struggles, I cannot allow myself to ever forget what is most important to me:
·      God
·      My Muse
·      The people I love
·      Each moment

Life is not always easy, but it can still be good, and good is better than easy.  Good is something that we can create by following our Purpose.  So I’m following my Purpose by continuing to write.  In all honesty, I wondered if I was starting to lose my commitment and, worse, my ability.  But I think both are strong.  I feel very blessed.  To Get Started and to Keep Going is a blessing.  Thank you, God.  Thank you, Muse.