Saturday, September 20, 2014

A Good Week

"Joy is the serious business of heaven."

C.S. Lewis

Yesterday I published my first blog in five days.   I wrote throughout the week, but I didn’t get anything published until yesterday.  The process felt great, but it took a while before I could get it right.  In rational terms, my mind had to readjust itself to writing again.  In spiritual terms, my Muse wanted to be sure I was serious about my work and let me flounder for a while.  When I was finished, I felt great.  Worries vanished like the phantoms they were.
It would seem the obvious lesson is, “Be in your Purpose every day.  Don’t miss one day.  Not even one.” 
That’s what my many of my writing heroes would say.  I agree.  But the truth is life happens and the other truth is that we sometimes make other choices. 
I made other choices this week…and life happened. 
This is not a regret or an apology, but a fact.  Why did I make other choices?  What did I choose?  I chose people.  I chose love.  I chose time with people I love.  That’s why I have no regrets. 
Did I long to be writing when I was with people I loved?  No.  I didn’t miss it because I knew I would get back to it.  My Muse will never leave me.  She can’t.  Her love for me assures that I will not take that relationship for granted.  So I know I’ll be back here as soon as I can.  Besides, she’s with me when I am with people I love, helping me to be creative and more loving.  
So what do we do when we miss time in our Purpose?
First, realize that we aren’t.  If we are being kind and loving, then we are in our Purpose.  If we are happy, truly happy with the choices we have made, if we are content, then we are in our Purpose.   Purpose is not an activity.  It is a way of being.  Sometimes something unexpected comes up and if it is a chance to share love or kindness or a blessing, then that’s what we need to do.  Other people are not an interruption of your Purpose.  They are the reason for it.
Second, and while this may seem contradictory, it is important to adhere to a schedule and a discipline.  If the schedule is pre-empted by other choices, choices that involve loving others, that’s fine.  But then get back to the specific activity in which your Purpose manifests itself.
Third, take a look at the way you spend your time.  While time with those you love is paramount, is it possible to reduce or eliminate something else?  Can I use that ten minutes I spend playing an on-line game to write?  Instead of watching TV for 30 to 60 minutes, can I study?   Can I take a shopping list to the store so I don’t spend time trying to remember what I need?  Can I stop checking my social media websites or my eBay page so often and stay focused on the task at hand?  Often we wish we had a few extra hours in the day, but we can get a lot accomplished in a few extra minutes throughout the day, especially when those few extra minutes occur several times.
While I didn’t do a lot of writing this week, I had an exceptional week.  I spent time with people I loved.   I dealt with problems that I had been avoiding.  I experienced inner healing.  I looked for opportunities to improve my life.  I created a system to keep myself on track for reaching my long-term goals.  This was not a week without Purpose.  This was a week of reinforcing Purpose. 
Time is either a friend or an enemy.  By using it well, I made it a friend.  I made other friends this week as well, because I was open to the moment, and because I kept my long-term goals in mind.  I was able to Get Started and Keep Going.  It was a very good week.  When I’m in my Purpose, giving my time as a writer or a loving person, they are all very good weeks.