Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Some Thoughts

Is there a purpose to life?
Is there a finish (besides death)?  If so, how do I know if I’ve reached it?

Is truth subjective or objective?  If it’s subjective, who decides for me?  If it’s objective, then what is right and wrong?

Why am I here?

Am I doing any good?

Does life have any meaning?

Does my life have any meaning?

If so, what is it?

If not, then what do I do?  If not, then do I determine my own meaning or do I just exist?

If everything is open to question, then how can an answer be possible?

Here are some answers I have found.  They work for me, but maybe they won’t work for everyone.

·         Life is a gift, but it is also a loan. I’m living on borrowed time. We all are. I’m okay with that.  I just want to use my time well.

·         I’m also okay with not having all the answers.  I find that life is a journey. I find that life is also a school that never ends. My first job is to learn.  My second job is to apply what I’ve learned usefully, kindly, and productively.

·         I think anything that brings true joy – love, companionship, meaningful work, fun, study, kindness, service – is a good thing.

·         If I am doing something that is not bringing me joy, or at least a sense of purpose, then I’m either doing the wrong thing, or I’m doing the right thing in the wrong way.

·         I don’t think there are any absolutes or, if there are, there aren’t very many.

·         I don’t think there are any perfect answers or solutions that work every single time, only ones that work when they are needed.  Adjustments are often required.

·         I don’t think I can learn it all, but I don’t think I can learn too much.

·         I’m limited by time and space.

·         All I have is what is in front of me – the work I can do, the people I love, the place where I am.

·         At the same time, I have more choices than I was told.  I have more choices than I realized.  But only I can make those choices.  If I don’t make some choices, others will make those choices for me.  I will rarely like anyone else’s choices for me.

·         There may or may not be a finish line, but I can stop and rest when I want.

·         Maybe I shouldn’t be in a race. Maybe I should just walk, at whatever pace I choose and see what I can find.

·         Life is a loan, but it is also a gift.  I’m grateful.