Friday, April 17, 2015

Some Things I've Learned While Pursuing a Master's Degree

Some things I’ve learned about Purpose while pursuing a Master’s degree.
·      Something can be very difficult and still bring a lot of joy.
·      When pursuing a Purpose, a goal, a dream, a vision, obstacles will arise.  Some of those obstacles are drama, that is, they aren’t very significant and will pass quickly.  Other obstacles are quite serious.   They are not drama.  They are real.  The response should always be the same: How quickly can I deal with this so I can get back to my Purpose?
·      Purpose may take up most of your time.  More precisely, you may not want to spend your time doing much else.
·      The opposite of failure is not success, but focus.
·      When in Purpose, you may find yourself wondering what you did before your Purpose.
·      Life will become limited in width, but become greater in depth.
·      You may want to share your experience with others.  Some will understand.  Many won’t.  The ones who understand are also pursuing their own Purpose.  The ones who don’t are to be pitied. 
·      Time will become much more precious.
·      This cannot be done alone.  One requires a Muse.  At least I do.
·      Your Muse, your driving force, your creative spirit, will become even more precious during this time.  At least mine has.
·      You will not have to remind yourself to Get Started and Keep Going.  That’s about all you will do.
·      You will wonder how you will manage your life.  More, you will wonder how you managed your life previous to your Purpose.  You will wonder how you managed life before you met your Muse. 

·      At least I do.