Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Requirements of Purpose

If you have chosen a goal, to be an artist, a writer, to get a promotion, to buy a house on the beach, to be a better parent, or anything that will make life better for you and for those around you, the following is required:
A clear, concrete, and developing visualization of goals
Written goals
The ability to choose what is necessary in order to reach your goals
The ability to eliminate or reduce what is not
Daily attention
A schedule
Attention to detail
Supportive relationships
The ability to be alone
More studying
Control of your emotions
An ordered outer world
An even more ordered inner world
The ability to politely, yet firmly say “no” to just about everything that doesn’t align to stated goals
The ability to take anything and make it part of your work
The ability to discipline your thought life
Still more studying
Dealing with distractions as quickly, kindly, and as effectively as possible
A sense of fellowship for others who are doing their work
Compassion for those who aren’t
Reliance on God
Love for your work
And yet more studying
Peace, outer when possible, inner as much as possible
A mentor or mentors
The ability to accept or ignore criticism
The ability to accept or ignore being ignored
Still a little more studying
The determination to do your work even if you don’t have all of the above
The ability to Get Started and to Keep Going.